Change the world, one meal at a time

Impact the lives of people, give back to the community and help improve employability of people.

The community needs help and you have the expertise to help them.

When you host and befriend, it allows Friends to know people outside of their native social circle and improves their ability to “network” into better jobs.
Hosts also provide some form of social and emotional support to Friends.

Benefits of becoming a Host.

Impact the lives of people by making full use of your industry experience, network and most importantly a heart to help those around us who are less well-off.

Becoming a Host.

Responsibilities and commitment of Hosts

Attend Host Onboarding and Training
- Onboarding and orientation
- Training in Befriending skills
- Training in "lite" career coaching skills
- Training in "lite" motivation and inner transformation skills
Minimal of 3 sessions with the same Friend (est. 3 x 1.5 hours = 4.5 hours)

Being a Host.

To journey more meaningfully with Friends, we recommend a minimum of 3 Makan&Shine sessions, each about 1 to 1.5 hours.

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