We bring people together over a meal to help improve skills and employability

Journey with people towards better livelihoods.
Help people get up-skilled and re-skilled, propelling them to a more suitable employment, over a meal.


Befriend and bond over a meal, showing love and hope for each other.

Better skills, better jobs

Intentional actions to help Friends achieve better skills and better jobs.


Be part of the wider community where we support each other.

You can create an impact today.
Help improve employability of people in the community.
One meal at a time.

Hosting online meeting

Why become a Host?

Helping improve employment of the less well-off is a sustainable form of giving back to the community. The old saying goes: "Teach a person to fish..."

Lend our Friends a helping hand, but more importantly, a listening ear. Our Friends need our encouragement and support to take the first step.

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Uplifting the society is a "whole of society" effort.

Uplifting the base of society requires a "whole of society" effort where different individuals, non-profit organisations, social enterprises, corporates and government work closely together. We contribute to such efforts in our small ways.

Makan&Shine is a ground-up, volunteer-run, non-profit organisation that's nurtured through the Alliance for Action for Lower Wage Workers in 2021 organised by Tripartite Workgroup on Lower-Wage Workers.

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We improve the Competence, Confidence and Connection of Friends

Our Partners

Give back to the community

You can change someone's life today. Wait no more, sign up now. Wait no more, sign up now.

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